Alan Moore: Comic Books and Consciousness

Alan Moore is one of the greatest comic book creators of all time. He has written legendary works such as Watchmen and V for Vendetta among many others. Moore cannot be simply defined as a comic book writer, but a multi-faceted creative with a career spanning over forty years.

Who is Alan Moore?

A question which carries with it a thousand different answers. He is a novelist, an artist, an activist, anarchist and even a magician, but beneath every vast layer of his personality, what truly sets Moore apart from other writers in the comic book medium and beyond is the quality and depth of his prose. His many works tackle subjects which most authors wouldn’t dare to touch, from the darkest forms of violence to political contempt. Moore picks apart social, political and religious topics which the literary world and society as a whole are content to leave untouched, exposing the various undercurrents which lie beneath peoples’ perceptions. He unthreads idealisms through a fictional eye which leaves the reader pondering upon the most extreme of subjects. He guides his audience into such territories with a perfectly executed subtlety which allows the reader to remain in an action-packed fictional realm without being beaten over the head by the complicated backgrounds within.

His tales leave the ideas to incubate and hatch within the readers’ consciousness long after they have left Moore’s carefully crafted worlds. The body of work created by the Northampton wordsmith has been continuously documented and studied by hundreds of readers the world over for its beautiful and intriguing content. He is famous for his vast plots and stunning metaphors, but his prose become even more remarkable when we think about the confines in which he crafts them. A caption or word-balloon has proven to many to be a hard place to fit strong and sharp writing, but Moore once again refused to be defined by the industry’s walls and redefined them.

Comic books are often neglected and underestimated; seen as a one-dimensional world of superheroes and bright colour pallets, but Moore’s fearless writing has turned the form on its head, bringing literary values and a third dimension which continues to elevate the industry as a whole.

Moore has revolutionised the comic medium influencing multiple writers and readers who have followed him.  The somewhat Dickensian depth of his words could be appreciated in any form, but regardless of the many opinions expressed about Moore, whether he is seen as a madman or genius, revolutionary or degenerate, pop-culture legend or militant; whether his brain is addled by strange narcotics or blessed by artistry; he has never allowed peoples’ perceptions to prevent him from exploring his consciousness, and most of all encourages the reader to do the same.


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