Let’s Get Back to Blogging

Before I start, I’d like to apologise for the blog’s sparseness of late, I’ve been working on some very cool deadlines that have needed my full creative attentions and time to blog has evaded me. I’ve spent most of the last two weeks sitting before my computer, frantically smacking at the keys and compulsively reading over every line of text on a constant quest for the perfect story. I’ve always fought with my creative perfectionism since I started writing. I wish I could write something in its roughest form, draft it loosely and send it off into the universe without a care but I find that difficult. Writers pour their souls onto the page every time they craft a tale and in doing so they throw a small piece of their being into fate’s hat. So to finish something and hand it over without nurturing it is a struggle for any wordsmith and has proved hard for me. I believe this will fade over time as I complete more deadlines and hone my craft; for now I’m relishing the opportunities as they come and working hard.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take the time to pay my respects to Sir Terry Pratchett on Books, Films and Random Lunacy. I first came across the wonderful man’s work when the adaption of his darkly festive novel The Hogfather appeared on my TV screen. I liked the uniqueness of the characters, the bold plot and I’d always heard amazing things about the books. So my Mom bought me my first Discworld novel, The Wee Free Men followed by The Colour of Magic a few months later. I enjoyed them both but as time went by I became consumed within other fictional realms and failed to reconvene my brief stay in Pratchet’s vast universe.

I ponder now why I’ve been absent from Discwold for so long. It definitely isn’t because I’m not a fan. When I read The Wee Free Men I was twelve, I’d never read a novel like it before and I think I was simply too young to get my head around the intriguing and eccentric narrative. Although as yet I’ve not read much of Pratchet’s work I cannot help but be inspired by his contribution to literature as a whole. I hope that in the future I can create a body of work half as imaginative and beloved as the Discworld novels and be able to tip my hat to Sir Terry.

Very good, now we’ve had a chat, it’s back to blogging as usual.


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