An Odd Form of Inspiration

I sit here once again before this keyboard tapping away in an effort to create a somewhat comprehensible piece of writing, that will hopefully shine a light upon what’s been happening within my melancholy cranium of late. I’ve been away for a few weeks and to my chagrin, the once imaginative and eccentric content of Books, Films and Random Lunacy has become a wasteland of antique stories and aging fragments of once vibrant articles.

I must admit my disappearance from the world of blogging was as unexpected for me as it was for you, dear reader.

As I wrote in my previous post, my Grandad unexpectedly past away five weeks ago. He was one of the most influential and cherished people in my life, the shock and impact of his loss forced all of my creativity to take a back seat as overwhelming grief took over. I was extremely close to him as I noted in my tribute which should be sat neatly below this post.

He was there for me every day for 18 years and there’s a big hole in life without him, but in the depths of grief, I’ve somehow managed to gain an odd form of inspiration…

These last five weeks have been without doubt the saddest I’ve ever known but they have brought with them so many emotions that I’m sure will consciously or subconsciously have an impact on my future writing.

My Grandad was always extremely supportive of my work and he would have gone mad if I didn’t carry on honing my creativity. So I thought I better get back to work and render some of this odd inspiration to the page by starting some of the tales which have been desperately waiting in my imagination. The intoxicatingly intriguing stories that were supposed to be my ‘Summer Projects,’ though with the way time seems to escape me at the moment, I think ‘Winter Projects’ may be more apt.

I’d stay and talk longer, dear reader but there’s work to be done.

Do feel free to check back as regular ramblings resume.


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