The Indie Project Quarterly

‘The Indie Project Quarterly’ is a new underground magazine which celebrates everything alternative, from music to comic books.

The publication was conceived in the creative mind of Rees Finlay, a writer and illustrator from Coventry who is currently carving his name upon the independent comic book scene with innovative titles like ‘Damnation’ and ‘High Priestess.’

As readers of this blog will know, I’m a big comic book fan and I love to support creativity in the Midlands, so naturally when I heard about this local writer called Rees on Twitter, I was very excited to check out his work.

As luck would have it, I met Mr Finlay a few weeks ago and started talking to him about his comics, this very blog and an intriguing magazine which he was in the midst of crafting. He spoke about the project with such passion and enthusiasm I was immediately sold on the concept.

We continued nattering on social media about the magazine; it was going to be a vibrant concoction of everything indie all in the same artistic pot, so dear reader, you can imagine my enthusiasm when I was asked to be a part of it.

Rees and everybody involved started this project to unite the talents of independent creators Avengers-style to craft our answer to ‘Dodgem Logic’ or ‘Occupy Comics,’ and as I read the finished product I can’t help thinking we’ve succeeded.

The magazine has within its pages, a very well-written article on the current state of the comic book industry by Darrel Smith. An interview with Kobra Paige, the lead singer of Canadian metal band Kobra and the Lotus. A comic strip by writer Stu Perrins and artist Saad Azim, entitled ‘A Dark Shadow Over Hope City.’ As well as an article about Al Davison’s graphic novel autobiography, ‘Muscle Memory’ written by my good self, and much more…

Anyway, enough of my jabbering, check it out for yourself…

click this link to read ‘The Indie Project Quarterly’ for completely free


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