A Return to the World of Blogging

I’ve been away for a while working on a few new projects behind-the-scenes of Books, Films and Random Lunacy, it’s been an enthralling and experimental couple of weeks, floating back and forth between several eccentric pieces that are being forged within my creative mind at present. From exciting comic strips to finally writing restless short stories that refuse to lie quietly within my consciousness any longer.

Alongside crafting a handful of new stories I recently had the chance to watch ‘Jupiter Ascending,’ a 2015 sci-fi adventure starring, Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and Sean Bean. I enjoyed the film, but it didn’t get a good reception at the Box Office, and I can see why. It was standard sci-fi fare, and wouldn’t be what the critics might call ‘Original.’ Although I didn’t think it was that terrible, I didn’t see it as a low-budget interplanetary adventure that missed the mark, but a self-aware and vibrant genre movie that didn’t rely upon pretentious special effects. In fact it had more in common with movies like ‘Labyrinth’ in terms of its use of prosthetics and make-up to achieve its look. Overall it was a very entertaining but technically underwhelming piece of cinema.

In other writing -related news, I was recently published in the latest issue of ‘The Indie Project Magazine.’ The third issue of the wonderful underground publication is full to bursting with its usual array of interviews, articles and reviews, although I believe the standout contributions in this instalment are the comic strips.

The magazine begins with a silent horror strip about a possessed winter garment entitled ‘Stranglehood.’ The hauntingly innovative tale was created by Lee Overton with artwork from one of the indie scene’s most promising illustrators The P.X.D. The second of the three graphic storytelling contributions was the comics debut of podcast-personality, wordsmith and all-round cool chap Darrel Smith called ‘Dee’s Nutz.’ The art for this surrealist strip was drawn by Indie Project founder Rees Finlay and showed yet another facet of Smith’s creative skill-set. The final comic to be found within this issue is a sneak peak of Dakota Stoops and Colt West’s ‘Small Town.’ A well-written and entertaining story about a universally recognisable sleepy community that is void of excitement until something explosive takes place.

This issue also includes an interview with Leah Moore in which she discusses the story behind creating the groundbreaking new digital comics platform  ‘Electricomics.’ She also gives the reader an insight into some of the innovative content that can be found on the app, as well as explaining exactly how aspiring creators can be a part of the new age of comics.

In addition to all this, issue three of ‘The Indie Project Magazine’ was particularly incredible for me journalistically as I had the opportunity to interview Darren Shan. It’s very well documented that The Master of Young Adult Horror is one of my biggest influences. I’ve met him many times over the years and he has been very supportive of my writing, but I never had the chance to interview him professionally before now. It was without question one of the best moments of my writing career thus far and it was a thrill to have an excuse to pose questions my 12-year-old self would have been dying to ask.

That’s enough from me, I won’t stall you from reading it any further. Click this link to purchase issue three of ‘The Indie Project Magazine’ on Amazon. The Indie Project Issue 3

alternatively you can read it for free here…





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