A Year of Books, Films and Random Lunacy

It’s been a year to this very day since the launch of Books, Films and Random Lunacy, a period of time that has felt as brief as it has remarkable. When I first clicked the button and my blog went live, I didn’t know if it would find an audience; or be seen by a living soul for that matter. My only concern at that early stage was crafting a vessel in which I could house my writing. An online realm to share a few of my short stories and prose pieces, as well as improve my journalistic work such as reviews and articles, with the goal of creating an eclectic and imaginative body of work. Beyond that my expectations were modest. Like every determined and hungry wordsmith, I hoped it would take off, become a springboard that would propel me toward bigger opportunities, but my primary endeavour was to hone my skills. When I began to create my first tales and ramblings, I had nothing more than my imagination, and an outstanding piece of artwork by my genius friend The Astral Gypsy to offer to the gods of writing. With these debut blog posts in my virtual grasp, I cast them forth into the universe and tentatively awaited the verdict.

As the stats started to rise and a modest yet hungry social media following began to accumulate, I lowered my head to the keyboard and hammered away.

I write all my pieces from a small pet-ladened dwelling in Warwickshire, and it still baffles me when something I’ve written is read somewhere as far away as Canada or Kenya. It’s truly incredible how interactive our world has become with the advent of the Internet; it’s fantastic to think how many people we can reach and converse with via our computers and Smartphones. Thanks to this, Random Lunacy has become a universal language.

These last twelve months have been wonderful, I’ve gained commissions and publications, met and worked with many extremely talented people and come face-to-face with some of my biggest inspirations who have bestowed life-changing advice upon me.

So many people have supported me and aided my creative growth over the past year; forgive this indulgent moment as I thank but a few…

Thanks to ‘The Master of Young Adult Horror’ Darren Shan for giving me the opportunity to review an advanced copy of ‘Sunburn’ and for being the subject of my very first professional interview.

Thanks to my fellow writer and good pal David Court for supporting this blog from its humble beginnings.

Ta very much to my tea-chugging mentor and all-round nice chap William Gallagher for all his generous support, time and guidance. Couldn’t have done it without you my good man.

Thanks a lot to everybody at Writing West Midlands for all the opportunities they’ve gifted me and for constantly encouraging me to challenge myself artistically.

Thank you to my friends, from across the pond: writer and podcast personality Darrel Smith for his feedback, support and for giving my work a platform on The MailMan’s Survival Guide to the Galaxy. Big up John and Brandon from the Games and Graphics podcast. All the best you guys.

Thanks to Rees Finlay, it was a true pleasure to be a part of The Indie Project Magazine.

Thank you to my friends Al and Maggie Davison, to Al especially, for the mind-blowing Shakespearian skeleton that sits scratching away with its quill at the head of this page.

Most importantly though, thank you dear reader. Yes, YOU. None of this would be possible without your good self. If you didn’t take the time to visually consume this very sentence, I wouldn’t be doing this. I truly appreciate it, you’re the best.

Expect more random lunacy as 2016 rolls on.




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