To be You

To be You, brought forth into a world of endless possibilities and opportunities, where ambitions once thought impossible burst into reality with each passing day. To see inventions previously dreamt of in fictional works become mankind’s commodities as humanity’s vision expands.

To be born in an era of constant evolution and grow with every ingenious advance; to see the glory of tomorrow’s wonders as they spring to life and witness a changing world through the virtue of Your eyes.

To have such a bright future and so much greatness in store, and yet to remain impervious to it all, as only wonderful things fill Your dreams.

To bask in the blessing of an innocent mind unburdened by the weight of knowledge; to be aware of so little but remain so far from ignorance, as the seeds of Your intelligence are watered and Your imagination blooms.

To know nothing of pain and suffering and be unaffected by lies; to never have felt the anguish of loss and be unhurt by the agony of broken promises.

To think of what You will accomplish and all your achievements to come. To imagine how Your personality shall grow and how the triumphs and losses of this world will shape Your resolve as You become the person You are destined to be.

To only have the powers to bestow the details of Your future endeavours upon You and put You on the road to Your dreams. To know what path You will go down and the direction in which You will travel, but wherever the universe may guide You, remember no-one but You can determine Your fate.

To have Your whole life before You and all the happiness and laughter ahead; To think of all the love that You’ll bring and receive and the multitude of beautiful experiences You’re yet to encounter.

To be You my friend, with Your gift of new life in this time of innovation and change; to have Your pure soul and this world in Your tiny hands, and with good luck and hard work You can make this world a better place.

For Eloise Rose Ashford

Born: 26 -1 – 2016























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