Going for Gold with Gold Arts Award

Ah, dear reader how I’ve missed you. The last few weeks have flown by in a blur of ink-stained notebook pages and crisply typed emails, and to my chagrin, the blog has been deeply neglected.

In the time since a rambling last hit the virtual pages of Books, Films and Random Lunacy, I’ve been writing up coursework and collected everything I’ve created or read, as I’m studying for my Gold Arts Award. A course designed for young people aged 16 to 25 who want to extend their knowledge and practical experience in the arts. The course caters for all aspiring creatives from writers and filmmakers to dancers and musicians, offering a range of ways they can gain a deeper insight into their chosen medium. From organising arts-related events to working alongside industry professionals Gold Arts Award is a colourful training ground on which to grow creative talent. To find out more about Gold Arts Award and all the finery that comes with it follow this link.


This wonderful opportunity was given to me by the good folk at Writing West Midlands, an organisation that has helped me develop my writing skills through countless workshops and outlets over the past few years. Since joining one of their truly invaluable Write On! Young Writers’ Groups, they’ve supported me consistently, from my first publications to a writing mentorship program with everyone’s favourite biscuit-loving tech-scribe William Gallagher.

They’re very nice people. Here’s a link to find out more about what they do, give it a click if you so wish.



The course has two units comprised of a multitude of assignments and exercises to challenge participants artistically and develop their leadership skills. Over the next 18 months my fellow Gold Arts Award students and I, (shout out to Lucy, Lydia and Trish) will be working with our Gold Arts Adviser Joanne Penn and The Writing West Midlands team on all of this as well as running an innovative group project that will bring about the long-awaited destruction of mankind.

No, no, I jest of course. But it will be very cool, so follow me on social media to stay updated on that.

As you can imagine, dear reader an opportunity like this takes a lot of dedication and my time will be limited and blog posts may be less frequent for a while as I explore both my creative and academic mind.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of this and look forward to all the inspiration I can absorb and all the writing wisdom I can collect.


It’s going to be fun.

Wish me luck…



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