Random Lunacy Hits the Airwaves

On Thursday the 19th of May my new prose piece ‘The Creative Yin and Yang’ had its world premiere on the latest episode of The MailMan’s Survival Guide to the Galaxy. A podcast hosted by my friend and fellow writer Darrell ‘Big D’ Smith that focuses on raising mental health awareness by opening up a frank and heartfelt conversation about a topic that society continues to treat as a taboo.

As regular readers of Books, Films and Random Lunacy will know, Big D has supported my work for quite some time now, and I listen to his show avidly. As I noted in an earlier post about the show, I think it’s truly inspirational how candidly Big D draws upon his own struggles to prove to his listeners that they are not alone and offers an array of coping tools and strategies to those in need of support. I believe The MailMan’s Survival Guide to the Galaxy is a vitally important forward step in the journey towards bringing mental health issues out of the wilderness and breaking the walls of misunderstanding that surround such conditions

In the second half of the show our esteemed host likes to as he puts it, ‘bring the mood up’ by broadcasting a creative offering from an audience member or friend of the podcast. So when he kindly asked me if I’d create a piece of writing specifically for the show I was more than happy to get involved.

I wrote ‘The Creative Yin and Yang’ as an exploration of not only my own mind, but also the minds of many artistic people. I’ve always been equally fascinated and troubled by the number of creative individuals (myself included to be honest) who sporadically experience an inner darkness. Musicians, actors, comedians and their various talented kinsfolk operate on such a high mental plane whilst crafting their work that it is surely quite logical to assume that an air of melancholy will engulf them when their imaginations inevitably come back down to earth.

I wanted to write a piece that would give not only the reader but myself a deeper insight into that aspect of the human psyche; and what better platform to do it on than one that specialises in the deepest darkest corners of the mind?

Right, that’s enough rambling from me. Have a listen to Episode 24 featuring my piece here.


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