Moore Monsters

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post, I’ve been collaborating with my mate and sickeningly talented illustrator, Nathan Moore perfecting our debut comic strip ‘The Minor Disasters Department.’ As well as working away on a couple of new projects that I’m excited for you to see when they are unveiled very soon. But in the mean time, dear reader, I thought you might like to check out this quirky little poem packed with in-jokes that I wrote about the aforementioned Mr Moore.   

Nathan Moore does often draw

At a desk in his humble abode

He’s drawn his idols’ faces,

Far-out fantasy places

And a portrait of old Mr Toad.

Mr Moore doesn’t play,

He crafts a sketch every day

And it’s true drawing monsters

Really is his forte.

He draws some to summon laughter

And others to terrify

But his favourites are the ones

That start off as penii

He doodles demons by day

And scribbles werewolves by night

He even based one monster

On a Quorn chicken bite.

He sketches vampires at work

And ghouls at home

He probably even draws his monsters

On the porcelain throne.

From a quickly etched creature

To an alien illustration

Mr Moore has a monster

For every occasion.

With such a fast output

And such dedication

Is there anything else

We could ask of dear Nathan?

Except for

A few Moore



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