Come Along to The Quiet Compere Tour Finale

As regular readers and people who follow me on Ye Olde social media will know, I’ve been rather quiet on my blog lately. I’ve been away from the land of blogging merrily moonlighting as a poet, honing this aspect of my craft at virtual and hybrid spoken word events. Along the way, I’ve met some hugely talented, splendid people and had a thoroughly good time.

One of the many hugely talented, splendid people, I’ve met whilst poet-ing is The Quiet Compere herself, Sarah L Dixon. It is Sarah’s magnificently inclusive, wonderfully accessible, online tour finale that I’m here to tell you about.

It takes place this Saturday and I’m going to be there, But don’t let that put you off, hey?!

More info/booking details below…

Saturday 12th November 2022 

The Quiet Compere Live and Online Tour 2022 – Finale Online on Zoom 7:30pm doors open 7.45pm Showcase 

Sarah L Dixon, The Quiet Compere of Huddersfield, is taking her showcase, open mic and workshop series to new places. 

The tour brings together a diverse selection of poets of all ages, cultures, styles and experience, designed to entice an audience that may never have experienced spoken word events before. Sarah has been running spoken word events under her guise as The Quiet Compere for ten years. 

Quiet Compere events are unique. There are no lengthy introductions to poets, no-one is designated as ‘top-of-the-bill’ – all platform performers considered equal in Sarah’s eyes. Each line-up boasts a varied and diverse mix of poets, ranging from established local poets, some new to the scene who are ready to stun audiences with their talent, plus a generous sprinkling of nationally well-known poets and performers. 

Co-Host and performer for the evening: Emma Purshouse 

Showcase Poets

George Bastow

Gracey Bee

Penny Blackburn

Mark Connors

Linda Goulden

Helen Ivory 

Jack McLean

Elizabeth McGeown

Jennifer A. McGowan

Mark Pajak 

Please book £10 workshop (4-5.30pm) on Eventbrite (limited half price and free tickets available). 

Ticket link for showcase here:

About The Quiet Compere, Sarah L. Dixon 

A piece about Sarah’s wedding in the style of a Post Mortem report was awarded the acpNews First Prize in Journalism 2007. She has been widely-published, including pieces in Rialto, Spelt, Prole, Lighthouse, Confluence Medway.
Sarah L Dixon worked for the NHS 18 years before she decided to channel her skills and considerable energy into corralling poets into some sort of order. Sarah not only promotes spoken word events but offers regular writing workshops in West Yorkshire. Praise for Sarah L. Dixon 

”Quiet Compere nights have a rare and lovely gentleness.”
– John Darwin, Host of Write Out Loud, Sale, Manchester 

“You set a little powder keg under the palm tree and encourage the evening’s castaways to light the fuse. You’re terrific. My, but you work so hard and affectionately at this game of the imagination.” 

– Adrian Mealing, The Very Grimm Brothers and UK Touring (tour company for Roger McGough, Ian McMillan, Andrew Motion and more). 

Sarah’s Website: 


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