George Bastow

Bio: Greetings dear reader, I'm George Bastow and welcome to Books, Films and Random Lunacy. The online home of all the eccentric tales and ramblings to be crafted within the most imaginative depths of my creative mind. From reviews and articles to short stories and other random writings, it can all be found on this very blog. On the rare occasion when I'm not writing, you'll find me reading novels or comic books and watching an eclectic variety of films. When I'm not doing that, I can be found rolling around bookshops and comic stores in my pimped-up electric wheelchair purveying the shelves. I'm from Warwickshire and live in a house full to bursting with a multitude of pets including six bald sphynx cats, an elderly moggy who is rarely seen outside of meal times, a pampered English Setter and a scruffy Goldendoodle named Tolkien. If you want to find out more about what I'm working on or what I'm up to follow me on Twitter @GDBastow. Well dear reader, now the introductions are done with, come with me and we'll explore my mind...

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