George Bastow

Bio: Greetings dear reader and welcome to Books, Films and Random Lunacy. I’m George Bastow, a writer, journalist, hat-connoisseur and blog-keeper. I’ve been an inhabitant of the Earth for 21 years now, and for as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for the written word, movies, comic books and anything else that could fuel my hungry imagination. Books, Films and Random Lunacy began life quite simply as a place for me to ramble at length about whatever I was reading or watching at that time, but over the years it has grown into the online home for all of my eccentric tales and random writings. From reviews and articles to interviews and short stories, it can all be found on the pages of this very blog. Outside of blogging, I’ve had my work published in several online and independent magazines, I’ve been a guest on the incredibly-talented author Ben Davis’ podcast The Vault of Awesomeness. I also have the pleasure of being the Assistant Writer at the Polesworth branch of Writing West Midlands’ Spark Young Writers Group. I’ve even dipped my toe into the waters of event organizing when I was given the role of producer/programmer for the first-ever Teen Takeover Day at the 2016 Birmingham Literature Festival. I live in Warwickshire in a house full to bursting with pets, including five bald sphynx cats, an elderly moggy, and a scruffy Goldendoodle named Tolkien. On the rare occasion I’m not doing anything creative, you’ll find me rolling around the Midlands in my pimped-up electric wheelchair on various wondrous pursuits or just chillin’ with my loved ones. If you want to know a bit more about what I’m up to, follow me on Twitter @GDBastow Well, now the introductions are out of the way, come with me dear reader, and we'll explore my mind…

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